Monday, December 15, 2008

What the media says

Wow. The media is even getting the story wrong!

The sub editor at The Herald-Sun gor the story about the blog so wrong he headed it Government launches blog asking for feedback on plans for web filter. It is extraordinary that paragraphs like;
Anti-censorship advocates are also concerned that a secret "blacklist" of websites to be blocked could be expanded in the future to include political material.
can make it into mainstream media. What part of the blacklist is controlled by an independent regulator applying the standards of the Film and Literature classification scheme don't these journalists get? Do they understand that they couldn't print any of the material being filtered in any state in Australia?

Under the heading Tell Conroy exactly what you think
the SMH has also joined the fray mostly running the comments about filtering and including a link to a filtering protest.

Seems like no one wants to seriously try online consultation, nor worry about the digital economy. A great pity.

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