Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Little more action

I've found another blog commenting on the DE blog - this time it is a blog devoted to Government use of Web 2.0. The post has mostly negative things to say about the blog.

Here's a few I want to add.

1. No one seems to be sure how the whole HTML part is working. Certainly easy things like breaks and italics can be done, but not all hyperlinks are rendering properly. And whoever is doing the moderating doesn't know what they are up to, because clear HTML errors (like the unfinished italics I put on a post) aren't being corrected and hence can screw up the site.

2. It is impossible to follow anything. With something generating as many comments registering commentators like they do on nowwearetalking might have been good. Also if you really want to get the blogsphere going you need the opportunity to be linked to your blog through your name - pretty standard in comments fields in standard blog tools.

3. There has been a fair bit of commentary about the whole "single voice" thing and whether the Government could let "individuals" speak. As I said elsewhere they do speak in person - I can say "At a meeting Thelma Tissue said blah, blah, blah" - why nt a blog? But failing that they could have created a umber of pseudo personalities whose job it was to present different views such as;
The DE sceptic - whose job it was to represent that the whole idea of a digital economy was a nonsense
the optimist - the DE will change the world but we don't need to do anything
the visionary - the person who has ever more grandiose deas of what the DE will deliver
the practical one - the person who says that its all very good but that these things take time
Those personna's could have engaged with the few respondants who've been on topic to try to progress a discussion - as it is we aren't achieving much.

Finally two of my three contributions to the last post whave so far been published, here and here. Note how I learnt between the two about line breaks, but (at least when I linked to it) screwed up the closing of the italics?

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