Sunday, December 28, 2008

Now We Are Talking

Following the kerfuffle over Telstra's exclusion from the NBN I made a couple of desoltury posts on Telstra's horrible interactive site called "Now We Are Talking".

My first post* was in response to one of the many on the site that accuses the Government of underhanded behaviour in selling Telstra shares at "inflated prices".

The preson I criticised replied that if choise meant buy or not buy then we didn't need competition in telecommunications.

I have posted a subsequent reply but it is distressing how little people seem to get the whole idea of competition policy, and the basis on which Telstra was sold.

Meanwhile my post on their news item about the exclusion from the NBN received no other comments.

NWAT as a communication tool ultimately is failing just as much as the DBCDE single attempt at blogging.

* It is a feature of the NWAT "Permanent Link" field that you just get the part of a page of posts rather than just the individual post. This can be frustrating because on my link to Hibble in the post linked here there are two comments by him, you need to find the one I was actually commenting on.

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