Monday, December 22, 2008

The Filter/Clean feed

Interesting that the SMH plastered a story about the web filter plans across the front page of the print edition but buried it on their website.

The story is a first order beat up because it doesn't address the filter pilot as proposed, but talks a lot about a range of issues that are not being considered. The most significant of these is the idea that this is some kind of dynamic filter - which it is not.

In fact "filter" is the wrong term. It is better called a "clean feed" as all it is designed to do is block access to specific web-sites.

People in the know actually tell me that the conclusion of the report leaked to the SMH is that a filter that just attempts to block access to a blacklist is entirely achievable, while relatively easy to circumvent.

1 comment:

  1. Blacklist
    -achievable to block yesterday's defunct illegal sites, bloody poor at keeping up with the pace of these people.
    -basically a buffet of child porn when it gets leaked to the rest of the world, enabling more child abuse
    -an ACB complaints system for internet content is laughable and shows a serious lack of understanding of the nature of the internet.
    -given the publicity stunt that this scheme is in the first place, assuming Conroy will upgrade to a dynamic filtering system is not a stretch.
    -Dynamic or not, the censorwall is still a poor misuse of tax-payers money.