Thursday, December 11, 2008

The DE Blog in blogs

I've tried to see if the DE blog has been picked up in many places, has it made an impact. Beyond The Fringe made a comment but mostly wanted to talk filtering.

Australian Women Online picked up the media release as a news story, but it has made no impact on their "Tech Chat". There is a fascinating discussion there about filtering though, and the experience of the moderator in coming out in support of the filtering plan. It is fascinating how the technorati really are exhibitting swarm behaviour on this topic. One sometimes wonders if they have evolved beyond bees.

The repot in The Australian IT blogs seems to have scored no comments at all. The article has a degree of cynicism about whether the comments to the blog will have any impact on a paper due to be delivered early next year.

That cynicism is shared by Samuel Douglas who writes, I’m deeply cynical/realistic, so I will put my money on most suggestions being ignored.

Interestingly doing a search found me a hit for Laurel Papworth which was interesting but not actually a comment on the DBCDE blog. But Laurel doesn't have anything to say about the DBCDE attempt at blogging yet. Interestingly I know that Laurel was recommended to the Department for the keynote at the DE forum, but the DE people hadn't heard of her - they went with David Kirk instead.

A comment to this post raises the point that there has been no response so far from DBCDE to anything posted. The blog isn't being used as a way to interact. Before people leap in and defend the public servants here and flag the idea that they aren't meant to have opinions, it is perfectly possible to have a face to face discussion with them. It should be possible to discuss on line. It will be interesting to see if they get to the point of replying to all the filtering posts.

I've also discovered this fragment. I have no idea what twitter is but the point made here is that the feedback form approach is a very limitting way of conducting this discussion.

Finally the official Google blog picked it up. The post was by Carolyn Dalton who has also contributed to the DE blog herself.

Overall it is not a great deal of coverage yet.