Monday, December 15, 2008

More commentary

The former politician who really got the art of blogging (and now I think professional blogger) Andrew Bartlett has offered a short comment on the DE blog. His short summary - there ios not too much two-way conversation happening so far.

He also identified a contribution by Jacques Chester at Club Troppo. His summary is that "single official blogs" might not be the best approach.

He also identified the comment by Robert Merkel at Larvatus Prodeo. He poses the comment that "it’s hard to reconcile such an open process with the traditional way lobby groups get to influence policy - off-the-record conversations with ministerial staff." erhaps, of course, that's just the point. To break the hold that business has over the policy process. Anyone interested in this should read Robert Reich's book Supercapitalism for a view of how competition (primarily driven by communication and information technology) has made us value things more as consumers and investors than as citizes and how this has distrorted the democratic process.

It is a pity to note that these three latest comments have been more about the blogging than about the digital economy. This poses the question "Is there any body out there?"

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