Monday, April 19, 2010

The Pirate Party

Computerworls has published the Pirate Party presentation to Exit International on how to bypass the Government's web-page blocking proposal. It gave us the chance to see that they are peddling the misinformation that equates the existing ACMA blacklisting process to the new one - despite Conroy's consultation on transparency and accountability for the new process.

How useful though is it to lecture these folks on how to bypass rather than doing the hard political yards to get information on how to take your own life taken off the Refused Classification list for all media. Surely that would be more useful to the audience.

Even more useful would be to be more than a single issue party and actually campaign to legalise euthanasia. That's the position the Democrats and its predecessor the Australia Party has had for at least forty years. The Democrats answer on the censorship issue is also saner - an end to Refused Classification in any media.

The Pirate Party - what a joke - just GetUp! in geeks T-shirts.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly, Verity! Jesus told me that the filter is what he wants. It's exactly what we need in this Christian nation of Australia.

    Onward Christian soldiers! Jesus will return soon, to strike down with great vengeance against the civil libertarians and the homosexuals and the immigrants!

  2. I don't actually get the comment. Nothing in the original post said the proposal for a web page block was inherently good or bad, merely consistent with classification rules and that euthanasia activists need to fight the real fight not get lectured by geeks on bypassing the technology.

    I'm also totally over the oppressive nature of the comments that assumes that only Christians are concerned about the content. I'm also particularly offended by the suggestion that just because I choose to comment on the web page blocking proposal that I am somehow or other rightly bundled in with a set of specific views on social issues.

    For the record I both support a web page blocking regime applying to Refused Classification material and a major rewrite of the classification guidelines to permit self-harm, instructions on euthanasia, and fetishes not involving violence being given R or X ratings.

  3. From the Pirate Party Constitution

    Principles & Objects of the Party

    Pirate Party Australia strives to achieve the freedom of culture, the protection of civil liberties and inalienable rights of the nation’s citizens and to protect the freedoms of the newly evolving global information society. It is these values that the party seeks to have embedded within the laws and institutions of Australia.

    The growing surveillance of the citizen offends the very notions of a liberal and open democracy. Overbearing and restrictive private monopolies constructed via regimes of antiquated, unfair and unbalanced laws which prevent the free development of culture and ideas, and are detrimental to financial economic and cultural outcomes for the citizens of Australia. Changing these laws, and ensuring the protection of these values are the goals of the Pirate Party Australia.


    The party held it's National Conference yesterday. It could be that I'm on the National Committee. Please check the wiki for updates.

    Bob Bain

  4. I agree with the comment above me (not the most recent one), I don't get the comment either...?

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