Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A year is a long time

I started this blog to discuss the Government's digital economy efforts. That blog got rapidy overwhelmed by anti-filter campaigners.

At the same time a year ago there was still much cynicism about the NBN, as tenders had just been recived and Telstra excluded from the process.

In April the Government changed the agenda on the NBN, and in July they released their DE report.

This month the Government held its Realising Our Broadband Future conference to build on the both of these - the Digital Economy future directions meets the NBN. An interesting fact is that despite the forum attracting lots of public participation, I think there were only three comments that linked filtering to the agenda. Which perhaps goes to show that manufactured outrage is not a sustainable position.


  1. Keep on using the freedoms of the Internet to call for an end to those very freedoms, Verity.

    And then wonder why your already tiny audience has shrunk to zero.

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