Sunday, February 8, 2009


I've mentioned before that our good friends at DBCDE in putting together a Digital Economy discussion paper have talked about access to Public Sector Information. Meanwhile the folks at Crikey provided a really good example of the use of statistics in their video of the day today (see below).

The video is a bit long, but the end of it is fascinating. These guys have started their own public statistics program called Gapminder. Some really interesting data series available and some fascinating tools as well.

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  1. "Nothing more preoccupies the modern political process than economic growth. As never before, it is the touchstone of policy success.

    Countries rate their progress against others by theirincome per person, which can rise only through faster growth.

    High growth is a cause of national pride; low growth attracts accusations of incompetence in the case of rich countries and pity in the case of poor countries. A country that experiences a period of low growth goes through an agony of national soul­ searching, in which pundits of the left and right expostulate about ‘where we went wrong’ and whether there is some fault in the national character."

    Publication Information: Book Title: Growth Fetish. Contributors: Clive Hamilton - author. Publisher: Allen & Unwin. Place of Publication: Crows Nest, N.S.W.. Publication Year: 2003. Page Number: 1.